1. Joseph

    For me performance is the biggest issue. I only have 3,800 members and 4,000-6,000 page views a day and the amount of memory used is huge (mostly by the ‘Active Members’ widget and activity stream).

    Not sure why but spam has never been a problem, maybe I have just been lucky. I do use Akismet and Cloudflare so maybe that is why.


  2. Henry Wright

    Sometimes it is all too easy to develop a website, hand it over and forget all about spam registrations (we have all been guilty of it I’m sure). Great to see a survey like this which will give webmasters (or the people who maintain the daily running of a site) more of a voice.


  3. Sarel

    I would love a more complete and stable (manual & automatic) hashtag system to track, display and promote popular topics and discussions. This can be used alongside, or combined, with other popular and trending activity.


  4. Barnabas Adedoyin

    Better spam protection is #1 and adding some exclusive community features e.g a church, school etc using buddypress will have some certain feature peculiar to them. Though just starting integrating buddypress and it blow my mind!


  5. joe ekine

    A Hash tag system might be a good feature but as long as buddypress does not offer a default gallery plugin, there is no need for a hash tag system.


  6. Paul Gibbs

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. We’re listening, and while we’ve had a lot more suggestions than we can fit into a single release, everything we’re hearing will help guide the direction of the project throughout 2014.


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  10. thaddeous

    I dont know why anyone has not mentioned this yet but our biggest complaint is SEARCH (and there are many others too like us if you read the forums). Spam has never been an issue but search has always been. I’ts by far the biggest shortcoming of BP. Currently BP wont search dropdown menus which means no automated city & state choices for users. INTEGRATED USER PROFILE FIELDS SHOULD BE SEARCHABLE for all custom field types. PLEASE WORK ON THIS!!!!!!!!


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