1. Christine

    I think that’s great news- thanks for sharing and explaining it.


  2. Dawid Ziółkowski

    Thanks for article! It’s great that BP is reducing number of queries. Performance is really important, that’s why I’ve just left joomla in favour to wordpress. It was impossible to work efficiently, and bad seo (id’s in urls, which is connected to whole bad structure of joomla framework) made my decision finally.

    I’m looking to build niche community with functionality similar to facebook, especially I’m looking into solution with user’s advanced wall (in joomla there are two main script with this: JomSocial and EasySocial), I know BuddyPress lacks of it, but there is small hope in plugins (like https://wptavern.com/new-plugin-adds-buddypress-activity-as-a-wirewall-to-user-profiles). Maybe you know some good way to offer users advanced box with adding photos, videos, geo-localization etc.? Regards


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