1. barney92

    I still don’t get why site privacy is not yet integrated. It is very disappointing. I suppose I will use private-bp-pages until they work this in.


  2. Khan

    Looks like a solid Update, Can we change permalink structure now?


  3. Rafael A. Junquera

    I do not seem too get the sync between comments on a blog post and the activity stream. Comments are not on the activity stream at all.


    • Rafael A. Junquera

      It turns out sync is working fine, but since the new activity does not move to the top of the activity stream, it is hard to find if the comment was placed at an older story. I remember there was a plugin that brought to the top of the activity stream any new activity related to old staff. Perhaps that should also be included as default in Buddypress.


  4. Christian Lasbery

    had issues installing buddypress 1.9 because it requested for the default buddypress theme (parent theme). Does this new version of buddypress address that issue?


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