BuddyPress 2.0 To Add Signups Administration Screen


BuddyPress 2.0 will include a new “Manage Signups” screen in the WordPress admin for tracking the status of pending accounts. This enhancement helps community administrators moderate registrations and help facilitate the signup process for new users who are experiencing difficulty.

BuddyPress requires new users to confirm their accounts by email before activation, but sometimes these emails are accidentally deleted, misunderstood or routed to the spam folder.

The new “Manage Signups” screen is located under the Users menu, and administrators will see a little “bubble” to display the number of recent signups. This screen shows a list of who is in the process of signing up.

Users > Manage Signups
Users > Manage Signups

If the site has a long list of signups, you can use the search bar at the top to find a pending account by email or username.

Administrators can activate the user, delete, or resend the activation email. However, the email can only be sent once per day.


In the past, many administrators used the Unconfirmed plugin with BuddyPress in order to get these same features for managing signups. When 2.0 is released with signup management built in, anyone using this plugin with BuddyPress will no longer need it.

Signup management could use more testing, as it makes a few changes to the way signups are handled in the database. Multisite installations are usually the only ones with a signups table. With this change to BuddyPress signup administration, all signups will be stored in the $wpdb->signups table, even on single site installations.

This enhancement, in addition to the ability to edit profiles in the admin, will make BuddyPress community management much easier for administrators. If you want to check out the new signup management features, grab a copy of BuddyPress 2.0-bleeding edge and give it a test drive. It’s not as bloody as it sounds. In fact, the new features are working fairly smoothly already but the core team can always use more help in testing.


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