1. rashid

    Finally its here! been waiting for this looooong time!
    Time to get rid of custom solutions!


  2. jawittdesigns

    Good on them for the the post type support, but that function add_post_type_support() is the exact same function name that Jetpack uses for their post type support. That could cause some conflicts.


  3. Prometheus Fire

    Yes! This is it – I’ve been following that ticket for much of its life (and even tried to contribute to the conversation a few times. This really is one of those headline features for a release and particularly excited about it. This advancement, even though it is in its early stages is one of those things that will push BuddyPress forward by a significant leap. Real tracking of all a site’s activity. Just awesome.


  4. Tom Barrett (@TCBarrett)

    Great news. Have rolled out a custom solution for this myself, would have much preferred such a simple solution.

    Also great use of expanding on core custom post type support. There’s a whole bunch of things that can be used for.


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