1. barniwebs

    The member types is the reason I used userpro plugin however JJJ and other Devs should extend the xprofile fields because it’s really limited if we actually want to register Teacher and Student. I ‘m presently using BP as a networking part of our multisite activated site for Doctors and Student but the registration part was taken care by userpro would have love to use BB xprofile but its just limited.

    Thanks Sarah for this important update. Fruitful week.



  2. Scott Hartley

    I also agree that extending the profiles is a much-needed feature. While there are plugins that do this they are not being updated much, and they could end development whenever…

    Birthdays, Social Profiles, Websites, stuff like that is needed in a social network. Having a bunch of text fields becomes annoying, and the fact they all show up on the sign-up field makes it much worse for users.


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