1. Hiro

    what’s the best way to change the post type’s text “wrote a new item” to something else? for example i have an event post type which i want to change it to “created an event”


  2. ljmac

    Why does BuddyPress have to keep reinventing the wheel for everything, instead of using WordPress’ built-in functionality? For example, why not respect WP’s user roles instead of recreating them? And at the same time, they keep ignoring the features everyone says they want (Facebook-style wall, full privacy controls etc.).


    • John James Jacoby

      Member Types are not new roles. Roles determine capabilities within the installation, which Member Types are not intended to do. Instead, think of them more as tags or categories… a way to group members together without actually needing to activate the literal Groups component.

      The other two features you suggest are on the BuddyPress roadmap, but there are a few underlying things that need to happen before we can get there. Namely, attachments, and a many-to-many relationship table. Both of these are slated for 2.3, which should enable them for 2.4 and beyond.

      We do not want to reinvent anything that’s already in WordPress. Our goal is to utilize every existing bit of functionality we possibly can, and contribute upstream anything that makes sense to.


  3. Ray Dale

    It’s really good to see the BuddyPress project developing at a good speed again. The Member Type API looks like a good feature and the caching improvements are much needed.

    I haven’t had an excuse to use BuddyPress on a live site yet, however, I do have a couple of upcoming projects that could see me using it. The fact that it’s developing quickly again will keep it on the radar for me.


  4. Zodwa Zikode

    A responsive registration page is long overdue. Please ajaxify buddypress too. Refreshing a page to see comments on status updates is not the cool


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