Bob Dunn’s Survey Shows Text and Screenshots are the Preferred Way to Learn WordPress

Two weeks ago, I asked you to participate in Bob Dunn’s survey that asked, how do you learn WordPress? Dunn has published the results to the survey and they’re not surprising.

Out of 428 responses, 63% learn WordPress best using text and images. Roughly a third of respondents learn best using video tutorials or one-on-one in-person training.

Best Way of Learning WordPress
Best Way of Learning WordPress

People learn things differently, but I don’t think it’s surprising so many learn best through text and images. It’s a method humans have used for centuries and is easier to reference compared to audio and video. Dunn offers advice to WordPress coaches and trainers looking at the data from an instructor’s point of view:

If you are looking at this from an instructor’s point of view, I bet you can come up with a lot of other thoughts and maybe even some deep insights. But the fact is, while these numbers can tell us a lot of what the majority of people prefer, as teachers of WordPress, we still need to find the markets that are not being filled, and the offerings that are not over-saturated, no matter what the numbers tell us.

To see a visual representation of the results and to read Dunn’s thoughts on his findings, check out his latest blog post. Also, be sure to catch WordPress Weekly live on Wednesday, April 8th, at 9:30 PM Eastern as Dunn will be our special guest. We’ll talk about the survey results and discuss common pain points users experience with WordPress.

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