1. Keith Davis

    Hi Jeff
    “I learned WordPress by trial and error and using tutorials I found through Google.”

    And I bet that most people learnt it like that.


    • Jeff Chandler

      Remember the days of reading a plugin’s readme for directions on where to add a line of code in a theme? That’s where my trial and error and learning about parameters/arguments came from.


    • Len

      Ditto. I started back in ’06/07 with one of the 2.x.x releases. At that time there weren’t a whole lot of videos floating around. There were no WordCamps or even Meetups all over the place like there are now.

      Like Keith & Jeff, my education came from pouring through the Codex, trolling through Google for any nibbles I could find and a whole lot of trial and error. I can’t even remember how many times I blew up my various sites.

      Shortly after that I began to help out in the forums and interestingly enough I picked up a lot of knowledge by reading through threads I wasn’t personally involved with.


  2. BobWP

    Hey Jeff, thanks for sharing this. I think the outcome, which I plan to do in an infographic, will be very telling. Already seeing some interesting trends by peeking in the back end so far :)

    And as Keith said, I’m sure a lot of people will agree, they ended up on tutorials via Google. But I want to no more. In my survey, for example, did one learn easier with video tutorials vs. text and screenshots, or did it really matter. Again thanks for sharing and hope to see everyone pop on over.. cheers!


  3. Steve Pickering

    Although using online video is one of my preferred methods for learning, it is sometimes difficult to find relevant videos for specific issues. Many videos have only a brief summary, so determining the detailed contents of the video can only be done by listening to the entire video. This can often waste time because a video may not have the specific information the viewer is seeking, yet the learner may need to watch a significant portion of the video before realizing that the information sought is not available on that video. While video has great promise as an educational tool, for WordPress and many other technical subjects, it needs to be curated.

    Learning with online screenshots/text may not have the same impact as video, but it can be quickly scanned to determine relevance to the reader’s specific needs. This method continues to be my best learning tool for learning new things about WordPress.


  4. Mch

    Hi Jeff,
    I learned WordPress by creating workarounds for the existing WP core bugs!


  5. Chriss Benitez

    Hi, I learned WP by myself, and creating pages for practice, A little bit of online videos and posts on blogs too.



  6. Giulio

    I learn by using tutorials, but since I’m a developer a big part of my learning comes from digging into other people’s code to understand how they do things


  7. kmccamy

    Self-taught! I learned 6+ years ago when there wasn’t nearly as much information available online… I initially bought some books, but over time they became obsolete. I’m a WP trainer (meetup & Girl-Develop-It) and tell my students not to invest in print references since there is so much available online, and things change so quickly. For specifics, there are some great dedicated websites out there! :-)


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