Take The “How Do You Learn WordPress” Survey

WordPress trainer and coach, Bob Dunn, wants to know how you learn WordPress. Once the survey concludes, Dunn will publish the results in an infographic.

Survey Questions
Survey Questions

With so many options available to learn WordPress, I’m interested to see which method comes out on top. I learned WordPress by trial and error and using tutorials I found through Google. I also used the WordPress Codex as my go-to resource since there weren’t many educational resources in 2006-2007. These days, users have plenty of options to learn WordPress through trainers like Dunn, WordPress.tv, WordCamps, and hundreds of free tutorials.

If you learn best by reading, I highly encourage you to check out the following handbooks, which are condensed guides focused on a specific subject. Keep in mind that they’re works in progress.

Share your guides, techniques, and resources for learning WordPress in the comments.

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