Automattic Acqui-Hires Matt Mazur Of Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search LogoLeanDomainSearch managed by Matt Mazur has announced that they have been acqui-hired by Automattic. According to the announcement, Matt will now be working for Automattic full-time to provide a better experience to discover and buy domains on

What does this mean for Lean Domain Search? Not only will it continue to run, but it’s also now completely free to use. There is even now an option in Lean Domain Search to register domain names directly through, making it easier than ever to start a website with a great domain name.

LeanDomainSearch specializes in quick and easy domain searches. I took it for a test spin to see what other domains I could buy with the word Tavern in them. Turns out, quite a few.

Lean Domain Search Results

The search results are lightning fast and the color coded legend makes it easy to see which domains are available to be registered. Among the domain registration options are GoDaddy, NameCheap, and The domain search also checks to see if that name is available on Twitter. When you click on the option, the domain field will automatically be filled in with that domain name.

Super Tavern

Thanks to the acquisition, the following support page will need to be updated to explain how to use the newly acquired services to search for available names.

Congratulations to Matt Mazur on being acqui-hired and becoming yet another Matt that is employed by Automattic. Can never have enough Matt’s working for Automattic.


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