Adding Google Custom Search Is Easy

nice2alllogo Are you fed up with the way the default search works on your WordPress powered site? You’re not alone. As was discussed in the forum thread I just linked to, Google Custom Search was brought up as a way to substitute the WordPress search engine with one powered by Google. I thought about adding Google CSE to but until I get a bunch of complaints that the search sucks or I find myself not being able to quickly find what I’m looking for despite typing in a descriptive query, I probably won’t go through with it. However, Lyndi of did go through with it and she shared her experience in this blog post.

After giving the matter a lot of thought I decided to add a Google Custom Search Engine to this site. Initially I thought this would entail a lot of work but I was pleasantly surprised. It went very quickly and in fact it was very easy to do.

Nice to see that it won’t be hard to do if I ever decide to add it to WPTavern.

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