1. Ipstenu

    While giving this method of searching the Codex a try, I found it difficult to find the Conditional Statements page I was looking for that was easily displayed by the Google Custom Search box.

    That’s because the Wiki built in search is very exact. It looks for the page name, then the words close together, and as you may have noticed, the page name is ‘Conditional TAGS’ not statements. And the term “Conditional Statements” isn’t anywhere on the page. You’d have to add it for the wiki search to get it.

    Of course, the real answer is ‘Google’s better at search than anyone else’ ;)


  2. Jonathan Dingman

    I often stick to just google’ing something like this:

    “get permalink wordpress” (no quotes)

    Or if I want to search specifically just the codex, I’d do:

    get permalink site:codex.wordpress.org

    Generally, adding the keyword “wordpress” to any query, typically results in a codex result and I’m happy.


  3. Elliott Richmond

    That’s a sweet tip Jonathan thanks, I never really thought to search that way before. I generally do the same, throw the term ‘wordpress’ into your search term usually gets me what I want!


  4. Lee Rickler

    Or if you’re using Chrome – Install the ‘Search WordPress.org Codex’ extension and search directly from the address bar with a ‘wp’ prefix.

    ‘wp Conditional Statements’ – gives a ton of results of course!


  5. Tom J Nowell

    Alternatively you could use this site made by the Industrious Rarst:


    It works very well and Rarst has major improvements coming soon for it!


  6. david

    @Tom J Nowell

    +1 for for http://queryposts.com
    It’s going to be huge!


  7. Corky Swanson

    Frankly, the Codex is so poorly written that I would prefer to strip Codex results out of search results. The editorial standards are inconsistent to nonexistent, and long-winded “explanations” that don’t explain are a waste of time. I would much prefer search results to identify literate, informed sites able to really explain sometimes complex topics. And yes, there are some excellent writers out there. Big fan of WordPress, think the Codex is awful.


  8. Lee Rickler

    Although I agree with Corky (in some places of the Codex), the best way to fix and problem is to fix the problem – in other words, the codex is open for anyone to improve it.

    The other suggestion I have is http://wpseek.com – The place I always use rather than the codex.


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