1. Brin Wilson

    But do you really want your visitors arriving at super-fast, but also super stripped-down, versions of your carefully-designed posts and pages? On one hand, sure, visitors get faster-loading pages, but on the other hand they get less design, no comments and no JavaScript functionality, etc… Is this good or bad for visitors? And therefore, is this _really_ good or bad for your website? I’m not yet convinced the trade off is worth it: especially for websites that aren’t really all that slow-loading to begin with…


  2. Keith Davis

    I’ve been aware of AMP for some time and Yoast has written a couple of in-depth articles on how to implement it using various plugins.

    As a recall Yoast has produced a companion plugin to the AMP plugin by Automatic, which adds a few features.

    I’ve not tried it out on any of my sites yet but it looks as though Google is pushing us in the AMP direction so I’ll keep watching for developments.


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