1. K Gallagher

    I tried to sign-up to this today, as the event looks great.
    Sadly, when loading their privacy policy, a huge un-dismissible pop-up appeared on the screen. I’ve tabbed through the page twice, and there’s no way to focus on the pop-up to close it.

    (No, it wasn’t a GDPR compliant notice, it was advertising the event that I already want to sign-up to… but now can’t because I’m stuck on the pop-up)


  2. Beauty

    This is excellent! I like what they said about WordCamp is focused on technical side, and what this event does to fill that gap. It would be fantastic if we can have an event focused on marketing of a website. With WordPress, building a website is easy. The challenges is how to get customers. My website has been sitting there for a few months with zero signup.


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