1. Vito Peleg

    Thank you for featuring our transition/rebrand from WP FeedBack To Atarim! It goes without saying, I’m super excited for the change & everything we have planned beyond this to keep making it easier for agencies & teams to build better websites without the stress. 😄


  2. Steve Law

    As one of the early adopters of WP Feedback, I’m excited to see what the new platform brings. One of the features I’m excited about is the image optimization part of the workflow that Vito announced. I don’t think it is part of v2.0 but on the roadmap. I get users uploading images through the plugin, which is great, but I always have to download them, resize them, compress them, and then upload them again. This should save me lots of time.


  3. Rasmus

    Looks nice, never gonna use it. The price is waaaay too high.


    • Vito Peleg

      Hey Rasmus, too high compared to what? :)
      Our users recoup the monthly investment within 2 hours of using the platform with 1 client, the rest is pure profit for your business.
      Not to mention we’re helping agencies drop $700+ per month worth of other tools by consolidating the work.
      Let me know if you have any other questions 🤘


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