1. Leonardo Losoviz

    Some folks are still getting together. We are currently discussing what to do in the #wcasia channel in Slack, and in this meetup group: https://www.meetup.com/WordCamp-Asia-Meetup/


  2. Norman Freeman

    WC Asia organizers should consider an online streaming event, or Ask Speakers to record sessions and send it to Organizers which then can be available through WordPress TV or Youtube, because the topics which are making sense now, might be irrelevant tomorrow.


  3. M

    It seems like Soflyy (WP All Import) are also adding $2500 to the fund.


  4. Leonardo

    This was really unfortunate, I was really looking forward to attending this amazing conference!!

    All things considered, I love that so many companies are creating funds to help us. At the same time, the only company I would like to see putting a fund is Automattic since, reading Matt’s post, was an “I decided of” kind of decision!


  5. Bill Bennett

    Perhaps this can be done remotely with video links given that many of the countries in the region now have fibre?


  6. Freddy K.

    Are the other WordCamps also canceled? Many international visitors travel to and visit various WordCamps worldwide all the time…


  7. CodeFlist

    WordCamp Asia 2021 is scheduled at the same venue in Jan.
    We hope that the preparations for 2020 will be an added advantage during that program.


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