1. Looks amazing! I am going to pickup a single site license and give it a whirl. I mainly use Quick Cache (by the folks who made s2Member) because its really easy to setup, but it isn’t super robust like W3 Total Cache is. So hopefully WP Rocket is the best of both worlds!


    1. Keep us posted. Also interested if it can manage theme switching for different devices (desktop and mobile). This is something that Quick Cache doesn’t do well, but Total Cache does. Hmm, the pro version of Quick Cache might actually do it.


      1. Hi,
        You can manage theme switching for mobile by disabling cache for mobile.
        We will add an option in a future release to add a different cache for mobiles and tablets.


  2. I’d like to see a comparison of a site who was running W3 Total Cache and then converting over to this one. Would be interesting. I find it intriguing that a premium model is being used, hopefully the results follow the same suit.

  3. fgirardey

    I use this plugin for absolutly every WordPress sites i have to build, it is awesome, simple and VERY well coded. I recommend !


  4. This looks like a good competitor for W3 Total Cache.

    I really don’t like these all in one solutions though. Caching is a complicated process and I prefer to use individual plugins for each component.


    1. Hi Ryan,
      We are an all in one solution but you can simply enable/disable options one by one.

  5. Andreas Nurbo

    Cant see what makes this better than W3TC and the rest.
    Image optimization means adding the size attribute?
    Precaching requires dependency on the developers spider?
    No mention of which CDNs are supported and how they handle push CDNs etc.
    Defer JS loading? W3TC has async, defer and pure JS based loading. together with move script to footer and custom script locations.

    Not sure what developer friendly actually means. There is no mention of how the devs can flush urls and cached items on their own etc. W3TC has extensive developer support integrated. Not well known but its there. (http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/w3-total-cache/tags/0.9.4/inc/functions/plugin.php) It also support extensions, that is you can extend W3TC by writing your own functionality.


  6. Disclaimer : I bought the Developer License 8 months ago, when they launched. I am French and I have met every member of their team at a WordCamp since.

    I was previously using W3TC and I had to spend a lot of time tweaking each parameter to find the best combination for my websites. But not anymore, I spend now 10 minutes maximum tweaking minification, JS deferring, DNS prefetching… And the results are far better.

    I haven’t tried the CDN feature yet (it was released not so long ago) but my clients and I are willing to pay for the premium quality and support of the plugin !

  7. Robin

    More competition = More good

    One question, does it have fragment caching?

  8. johan

    I bought it for my site and did some speed tests with toolspingdom and I have to say that given its easiness to setup as compared to the other caching solutions, I was very happy spending these few euros when I saw the end results.
    Keep up the good work guys !

  9. rs2

    Be aware that the documentation (tutorials) and the main support forum are in FRENCH. I requested a refund since there is no info about that before purchase but they refused so I don’t agree about the customer support.

    1. GeekPress

      Hi rs2, I’m one of WP Rocket guys.

      I just want to say that our support is totally in english ans also all our documentation => http://docs.wp-rocket.me/

      Cheers ;)


  10. Instead of hyping up the plug-in, why not share your host, or the true configuration that makes you get those rankings? Your plug-in alone isn’t doing it. So to myself, it’s a bit like a car salesman just feeding you some hype, only to find that the plug-in, only covers half the battle..


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