1. Or, if a new, major release of WordPress is in beta for a full month, and then five release candidates are released over another two months, perhaps – just maybe – if you care about your shiny WordPress install, you might bother yourself to, you know, test the update in a development environment before updating your live, production site.

    Also: don’t blame WordPress when a Plugin breaks, or causes a WSOD, after updating WordPress.

  2. Andreas Nurbo

    Personally I screwed up with upgrading too 3.1. I thought I had future proven everything by testing against trunk, but no I forgot one single file that preloaded certain WordPress files which broke a couple of things. #facepalm

  3. Whenever WordPress release a new update..It’s always a wise idea to wait for couple of days.. See if people are reporting any bug in final release.. Till now I have seen many people reported bugs in 3.1… or most of the time issue comes with theme and plugin compatibility….!!
    Also as you mentioned…Taking a backup is must…Just to be sure that if something goes wrong..you know which way you have to take!!

  4. Although I backup my files and databases regularly I always feel the fear of losing my site whenever I update WordPress installation.

    Nice idea Harsh, waiting for a while is the best.

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