WordPress 2.8.3 Released

wordpresslogoWere you surprised to see WordPress 2.8.3 released? I was, but I didn’t think it would be because of the same security related issue that 2.8.1 was supposed to address. I thought 2.8.3 was released as a bug fix version as a few annoying bugs have popped up that were giving people issues. It was inevitable that a 2.8.3 would be released before 2.9. I’m glad however to report that 2.8.3 does contain some bug fixes as well as completely fixing the security exploit. The bug I had in mind deals with editing comments and the URL field being blank even though there was a value represented in it, which has been fixed. The upgrade was easy peasy for me and I suggest you upgrade as well. But please, backup your data first before you even think about touching that upgrade button.


3 responses to “WordPress 2.8.3 Released”

  1. Hopefully this is the last update for the 2.8.x series. Bring on 2.9 with all the new features!

    Good to see the community is looking after and keeping WordPress secure once again.


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