1. Ronald

    Thanks Jeff for having me here at the Tavern.

    For those interested in trying out Ajax Edit Comments, please follow the link attached to my comment name.


  2. Andrew

    I’ve said before that I think this plugin is a must have and I certainly think the cost is worth what you get for it.

    I think I would advocate making the free version a very simple personal edition with very few customisable options, that is, removing some features rather than just freezing them.

    Either way, I wish Ronald the best of luck with it.


  3. Ryan

    @Andrew – that could work, but I think it would be a good idea to allow current users to upgrade for free if that were the case, otherwise they’re just losing a bunch of functionality from a plugin they may have been using/relying on for quite a while.


  4. AJAX Edit Comments Goes Commercial

    […] time after they post, has become a commercial plugin. Jeff of WP Tavern managed to ask the authors a few questions about their decision. Are there plans to simultaneously develop a free version with the paid […]


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