WordPress Upgrades Gone Bad

Here is the tale of two individuals that upgraded to WordPress 3.1 only to realize that their sites became broken after the upgrade. Two things that should immediately be learned by anybody using WordPress. The first is that even though it’s as easy as clicking a button to perform an upgrade, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create a backup of the site before the button is pressed. The second point is illustrated by Keith in his story:

The recent 3.1 update changed my thoughts about that and taught me that even a hobby WordPress blog isn’t entirely automated and it is a good idea to know how it works, if you care about it. If you are passionate about your blog, there is even more reason to anticipate disasters and know how you react to them accordingly.

If you’re going to pour your heart and soul in to your site and it’s running WordPress, you would do yourself a lot of good to learn the basic ins and outs of the platform to not only help yourself, but to understand some of the underpinnings that allow WordPress to do what it does.

The one other piece of advice I can provide is to wait a few days after a major version of WordPress has been released. Keep an eye on the WordPress hashtag on twitter and the How-To and Troubleshooting section of the WordPress.org support forums to locate the issues people are having once they make that upgrade so that if you run into the same issue, you’ll know how to deal with it.

As an aside, my streak of problem free upgrades continues as I had zero issues with 3.1.


4 responses to “WordPress Upgrades Gone Bad”

  1. Or, if a new, major release of WordPress is in beta for a full month, and then five release candidates are released over another two months, perhaps – just maybe – if you care about your shiny WordPress install, you might bother yourself to, you know, test the update in a development environment before updating your live, production site.

    Also: don’t blame WordPress when a Plugin breaks, or causes a WSOD, after updating WordPress.

  2. Personally I screwed up with upgrading too 3.1. I thought I had future proven everything by testing against trunk, but no I forgot one single file that preloaded certain WordPress files which broke a couple of things. #facepalm

  3. Whenever WordPress release a new update..It’s always a wise idea to wait for couple of days.. See if people are reporting any bug in final release.. Till now I have seen many people reported bugs in 3.1… or most of the time issue comes with theme and plugin compatibility….!!
    Also as you mentioned…Taking a backup is must…Just to be sure that if something goes wrong..you know which way you have to take!!

  4. Although I backup my files and databases regularly I always feel the fear of losing my site whenever I update WordPress installation.

    Nice idea Harsh, waiting for a while is the best.


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