1. Thanks for the update on how the day went Sarah. I would absolutely consider adding a kids session to WordCamp Orlando. Granted, saying so is a lot different than doing, and I doubt that it would have gone off quite as well without dedicated help from the volunteers like you.

    1. Definitely. If you ever consider adding it to Orlando, announce plans for it way ahead of time and round up some volunteers to head the session. It will go a lot smoother that way.

  2. Thanks for focusing on this Sarah. I truly believe we need to make a greater effort in getting the next-generation more involved in WordCamp. Not just kids workshops, but the “main session track”. But it has to start somewhere and i’m happy to add Miami to the list of WordCamps that are doing this. All the teachers of that workshop deserve applause.

    1. Out of curiosity David, what did you have to do differently with a session involving kids than an adult session? For example, did the kids have to be a certain age? By law did the kids have to be accompanied by a parent? Which parts of organizing that session were required by law versus things you thought were just common sense?

      1. I wasn’t THAT much involved. Sarah, Tammie Lister, and the others were there. But I can tell you wavers had to be signed (because under age kids were using wordpress.com). Outside of that, nothing was required by law that I can recall. Tammie did a great job with slides – they were Minecraft based. I would encourage her to post them publicly if she hasn’t already and think this blog post to them.

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