1. Good to know that Sarah but over the years I’ve become used to color and the like – wouldn’t want to put colour in my stylesheet and mess it up.

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. Mike Perlman

    So if Scotland leaves the UK, will GB be deprecated?

    1. It will just be called “B” as the Great will have been depreciated.

    2. Doubtful, the full country title is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. GB would still be valid within that context, as there will still be a union with Wales.

  3. Mike Perlman

    I am an American in Europe and somewhere along the line my macbook switched to GB so I go with colour to get rid of the pesky red underlines.

  4. Being a Canadian our spelling is very much like the British, ie: colour, neighbour, favourite etc. However I just use the main download and put up with those pesky red underlines. :)

  5. Can anyone tell where to get the .mo file? The instructions are clear, but all I find on getting the language file in the first place is go to http://en-gb.wordpress.org/ but all I find there is the full standard WordPress installation files (but in British English). Thank you.

  6. Mike Perlman

    Regardless, how many watch (can’t avoid) the awful BBC tech show, Click?

  7. @Len -I’m with you Len.
    No problem really.
    It upsets my wife when she sees the US spelling but I just accept it.

  8. John Howes

    Thanks very much for this, I was hitting my head on changing my new site to en-GB earlier in the week. Just one point – the manual steps you describe work, but seems like WP then wants to do a 3.8 en-GB upgrade (from plain 3.8). Certainly before that ‘upgrade’ happens it is still ‘color’ on the Profile page for instance (but changed in other places).

  9. John Howes

    Ian, and others. The easiest way to convert to en-GB would appear to be simply to do step 4 above – edit WPLANG in config.php After this WordPress will prompt an ‘upgrade’ to 3.8 en-GB – not immediately though, timing depends on Cron settings?? And the update will install all the language files.

    Quoting from http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress_in_Your_Language:
    >>Note that if the .mo and .po files don’t exist for a language code called for in wp-config.php then there is no error message, but the code is still used in language_attributes() This is useful for those of us whose language is similar enough to en_US not to require translation, but who don’t want en-US as the language tag in the blog, instead wanting some other variant of English<<

  10. Thanks John! With 3.8 installed already, I checked and added “en_GB” to wp-config.php, but still nothing that I would call an error. But in my dashboard I then found I could update to 3.8 for British English. The WordPress Updates page says I now have the right version of English for me. It would be nice if more major British brands could show the same respect for British English!

  11. It looks like Twenty Fourteen hasn’t been translated for en_UK yet.

    You can go to the following link and once signed in with your wordpress.org username you can add the missing translations, then once approved by one of the translation validators they should then be delivered via WordPress automatic updates to your install.


    If you want to download the .mo & .po translations manually have a look at the links in the install section on the en_AU page and substitute en-au in the links with en-uk.


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