1. Tim Kaye

    Matt Mullenweg was right when he said ‘Learn JavaScript Deeply’

    LOL. The problem is that those developing Gutenberg haven’t actually learned JavaScript deeply enough. If they had, they would be using JSON instead of the nonsense of HTML comments.

    This poor decision is all the more ironic when the REST API, which was added to core only relatively recently, itself uses JSON.

    It would be nice if the New Year saw core developers be more consistent instead of engaging in such muddled thinking. But I am not holding my breath.


    • Greg Schoppe

      This is the biggest root-level flaw in Gutenberg. Without consistent use of JSON throughout, it bases WordPress’s entire new direction in a huge pile of pointless technical debt.


  2. Sudhir Khanger

    This is a nice post. It would be interesting to see a list of courses especially geared towards beginners in WordPress. Is there a such wiki or list of recommended courses?


  3. Hashim Warren

    I learned a lot from Zac when he was teaching WordPress in Treehouse. I’m glad he’s still making courses. He’s a good teacher


  4. Rhys Clay

    Zac you are a legend and I look forward to taking your course, just an idea it would be cool if you listed a bit more details on the example blocks.


  5. Anh Tran

    I have joined the course and I really appreciate Zac for creating it. You have done a great job!


  6. James Tryon

    The course is very dense. I had to rewatch sections a couple times before it started to click.

    Lesson 5 has been my favorite so far. Well worth the money.

    Thanks for all the hard work Zac.


  7. David Aguilera

    That’s great news! Hopefully, this course will help WordPress developers to get ready their plugins ready for Gutenber’s release. I’ve already started working on mine and Gordon’s work is quite helpful :-)


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