Your Chance To Work With WordPress In Oslo, Norway

Ryan Hellyer who has been a long time member of the WPTavern community has given me a heads up that Metronet is currently looking for a WordPress Code Poet. Sounds like any other typical WordPress job posting right? Well, that is until you read the following lines within the job posting: “The opportunity to live and work in Norway, the best country in the world according to many surveys. Assistance with relocation and accommodation.“. So if you’re a WordPress Code Poet looking for an opportunity to work in Oslo, Norway this may be the best chance you’ll get! I’ve also learned that Ronald Huereca who wrote the book, WordPress And Ajax and who is the author of the Ajax Edit Comments plugin is a part of this development company.

If you’re interested in the job opening, you should highly consider the fact that they are only looking for people who are willing to relocate to Oslo, Norway at this point.

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  1. Hey, folks. I’m a senior e-commerce consultant at Metronet and I just wanted to confirm that it’s an awesome place to work. :)


  2. I can heartily recommend Norway. And FYI, it’s not winter all year round; we have great summers, especially in places “down south” like Oslo.

    p. s. Do yourself a favour and start liking mountain hiking if you don’t already, or you’ll be missing out on half of what the country’s got to offer.


  3. I can’t mountain bike for quite a while as I just had shoulder surgery. If I’m still here next year I definitely intend to try cross-country skiing too, as that looks like a great way to see the country side in the middle of winter.


  4. What does the job entail? I am currently selling one home and possibly a second in Lake Tahoe, CA where we have very cold winters and beautiful summers as well. I love mountains and have heard wonderful things about Norway!


  5. The job entails building WordPress themes and plugins for clients.

    Typically, we are provided with a PSD and a lengthy brief on functionality and we just plow ahead and write the code to make it happen.


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