Drupal Gutenberg Showcased at DrupalCamp Oslo 2018

Gutenberg appreciation is running high across the CMS pond in the Drupal world. DrupalCamp Oslo 2018, Norway’s biggest national camp to date, was held over the weekend. The event featured two sessions on Gutenberg – one for site builders and one for block developers. Frontkom, the team behind Drupal Gutenberg, took home two Splash Awards for “Best Module” and “Best Integration” for 2018.

The Cloud Blocks plugin for WordPress was released in beta two weeks ago to begin testing the Gutenberg Cloud API, which enables blocks to be shared across CMS’s. The Drupal version of this connector plugin was introduced at DrupalCamp Oslo. Frontkom’s Per André Rønsen and Thor Andre Gretland hosted a session called “Build your pages build with Drupal Gutenberg” where they gave attendees a look at Gutenberg Cloud for D8. It runs as submodule of Drupal Gutenberg.

Drupal pagebuilder gutenberg

Changes Coming to Gutenberg Cloud: All Blocks Will Undergo Code Review before Publishing

One of the speakers at the event was a member of the Drupal.org security team. Rønsen said after their session they had good participation during the Q&A time.

“There was some push back on Gutenberg Cloud for letting any developer add new blocks,” Rønsen said. “We explained that this is only during beta phase, and that we do code review of new blocks coming in. However, this led to the decision of switching to white listing instead. Starting next week, block authors will need to email us and ask for code review before we accept the blocks. This will go hand in hand with an upcoming browser on gutenbergcloud.org – meaning each block will get it’s own little landing page online. We think this will be useful for people to see how Gutenberg Cloud can be useful for their site.”

Overall, the Frontkom team saw a positive reception to Gutenberg Cloud at DrupalCamp Oslo and they are working to incorporate some of the valuable feedback they received.

“The interest was amazing,” Rønsen said. “This week, we’ve been in contact with two big dev teams who wants to help out getting the Drupal module a stable release.”

The session for site builders was not filmed but there is an unofficial video from the developer day where Frontkom’s Marco Fernandes and Frank Gjertsen gave a technical session on how to build custom blocks.


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