1. Dan

    Such a beautiful collaboration! It reminds me of the Soviet-American collaboration depicted in 2010 (1984), and for a while I’ve thought of both platforms as analogs for that reliable, economical old war horse, Soyuz. 🚀

    Prima prestatie!


  2. Marcus Downing

    How does the security of Gutenberg Cloud work? If it allows a server to run code that was installed by a non-administrator, that seems like a potentially dangerous situation. It pulls code directly from NPM into a live site. Could somebody release a helpful block to the Gutenberg Cloud registry, wait until some major sites install it, then update their block with malware?

    And before anybody says how unlikely that attack vector is, it’s already been used in a real attack.

    If there are protections in place to prevent abuse like that, great. What are they?


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