Yoast Interviews SmashingMagazine Creator

pressthislogo Joost De Valk who hosts his own weekly WordPress podcast called PressThis recently interviewed Vitaly Friedman who is the creator of SmashingMagazine.com, one of the most popular sites dedicated to the topic of web design. During the interview, I found out that the site is run on eight different servers, two of which are media servers. I’ve also developed a new found respect for the people involved with SmashingMagazine as a bunch of hours and hardwork goes into everything they publish on the site. Another example of how consistent, quality content mixed with hardwork goes along way. Also part of the discussion is the reason why Smashing decided to acquire Noupe.com.

The episode is about 46 minutes in length but is well worth the listen.


2 responses to “Yoast Interviews SmashingMagazine Creator”

  1. Sounds amazing! I did not imagine it was running this way. It sounds really like community work, many different people contribute to one single article. No surprise they are one of the best Web design online magazines nowadays!


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