Writing Zen In WordPress

Zen is a distraction free plugin that removes just about everything in order for you to concentrate on your words. Franky over at BloggingPro.com has a good writeup going into more details on how the plugin works.

If you’re a fan of ‘anti-clutter’ plugins such as simple email notifications, you’ll love Zen for WordPress. More even, if you would have been on the verge of switching to a more writing focused platform such as Habari but could not decide to ditch WP yet, Zen might be what you are looking for.

I’ve seen the screenshots and personally, I’m not a fan of taking away the very tools with which I use to generate content. In order to achieve my zen in WordPress, I use the icons only menu layout on the left hand side and if I’m really in the mood, I’ll hit F11 on my keyboard to take the writing pane to full screen. I’ve also adjusted my work-flow so that the meta details are covered first, then I concentrate on the content. I don’t often find myself distracted by the WordPress write panel but if you do, then Zen might be the plugin for you.


2 responses to “Writing Zen In WordPress”

  1. I always felt a “distraction free” product is for people who just can’t keep it together to focus.

    That’s just my opinion.

  2. @Hyder – That’s sort of the way I feel about distractions as well. As I mentioned in the post, I’ve managed to create a work flow that gets the little stuff out of the way first so all I have to worry about is the post itself.


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