1. Neal Umphred


    Where or how do I read “Myths, Lies, and the Truth of SEO with Rebecca Gill”?



  2. teri

    Neal this might be the article that was referenced, or at least it was the one I read recently


    I have been trying to learn proper SEO techniques and have been attending Corey & Rebecca’s webinars trying to soak up as much as possible. They are amazing how much they give to the community!

    I have been dying to take Rebecca’s DIY- SEO course ( Financially I haven’t been able to yet). I would love to offer up myself (free) to work alongside you/WPTavern to help with your SEO. Bizarre offer probably – but figured I would put it out there. I don’t have a website/client to do SEO for at the moment.


    • Rebecca Gill

      Teri thanks for the kind words on the iThemes SEO training we’ve been doing. It has been fun for me and I can’t wait to transfer that to our in person training at SEO Bootcamp.

      While I love the internet, I miss the face to face training and the ability to read someone’s reactions and react accordingly. It makes the entire training session just a whole lot better.


  3. Weston Ruter

    Re: discoverability of editable elements in the customizer preview, there is shift+click today, but see https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/27403


  4. Adam

    The site mentioned that comes up first, or at least second when I checked, Googling “wordpress news” is TorqueMag.io.

    WPTavern should definitely be first. :)


  5. User-Centric: the key to SEO success in 2016 - Backelite

    […] Things have changed quite a bit since then, but SEO in 2016 is still as relevant as ever. This article is largely based on an interesting interview given by Rebecca Gill on the WordPress Weekly Podcast. […]


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