1. Hardeep Asrani

    Yay! That’s the first update with my name in the credits. ^_^


  2. Ron

    Held my breath and clicked update. No issues. :)


  3. sky

    What happened to finishing the REST api integration. Did that get pushed ahead again?


  4. Raju Ahmmed

    I have successfully updated my site. All is OK. I like it because to find broken link I don’t need to use any external plugin. It’s awesome.


  5. Li-An

    The priority change for translation files is welcome for non-english written sites. Thanks.


  6. Ciprian

    Just updated about 20 WordPress sites. No issues so far!


  7. Sefa Tsegha

    Clicked update on 15 WordPress sites. No problem at all. Thanks.


  8. Neal Umphred


    Thanks for the article!

    Hardeep and the rest, thanks for the work: I appreciate the tweaking and keeping WordPress sharp.

    Question: Does 4.6 make the Broken Links Checker plugin redundant? Can I delete it?




  9. Jon

    Many issues have been reported with users not seeing posts correctly or at all.

    I believe the WordPress are aware of this, but they have not said whether then intend to fix it or not. My advice is not to upgrade until you are sure there are no issues with your theme or server.


  10. Rsspanix

    Hi, we just upgraded to 4.6; I am wondering whether it has any data audit functionality updates that will help us with this issue – we need to find out when were some revisions deleted on a few of our posts. (It will help us in probing whether there was unauthorized access to our site). We don’t have any automatic plugin that deletes revisions nor a security plugin that tracks user activities (beyond the base WordPress setup). My question is where in mysql tables can one see the revisions delete requests and will there be dates there and possibly source IP or user data… many thanks.


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