WordPress 4.6 Beta 1 is Available For Testing

The WordPress development team has released WordPress 4.6 beta 1. This release includes a new process for installing, updating, and deleting plugins and themes, native fonts in the WordPress backend, and improvements to the post editor. It also contains a number of changes that developers should be aware of.

WordPress 4.6 Beta 1 is still in development and should not be used in a production environment. Instead, use the WordPress Beta Tester plugin to install the beta on a test site. If you come across any issues or think you’ve found a bug, please report it to the Alpha/Beta area of the support forums.

WordPress 4.6 is scheduled for release on August 16th.

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  1. I’m wondering if Shiny Updates also addresses the Activation hook, which is inconsistent at the moment. Would be nice if there is some general way of testing if a plugin was updated other than ( now ) saving the version somewhere and checking that.


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