1. John

    The “design team” seems to be composed of a small number of people who no longer have much time to contribute to the project. Many tickets collect dust waiting for design input. The “weekly” design meeting has happened fewer times in 2016 than most people have fingers on one hand.

    It’s time for some new designers to step forward and take control as the current design ship is adrift at sea and no one seems to be aware of this.


  2. Alec

    Interesting point, John.

    We recently redesigned (well nipped and tucked for consistency and more robust display on mobile) the CSS for media buttons and no one could be bothered to even acknowledge the defect (we have code ready to submit with the fixes), let alone accept it.

    We’d be delighted to contribute more but it seems to be an insiders’ only game.

    PS. I’m somewhat concerned about these Shiny Updates as taking more information away from the end user (like error messages) does not seem helpful to me. I could see enabling Shiny Updates by default but allowing developers to turn on more detailed messages. That won’t work since WordPress outlawed preferences.


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