1. Frankie Jarrett

    Love this.

    Still looking forward to the day when there is one button that will just “Update All The Things” :-)



  2. David

    Does someone remember installing Windows 95. Please insert disc 2/10… Please insert disc 3/10? Somehow this is what the plugin updater reminds me of – now, since I think about it. I am very happy about Shiny Updates. My mother used to ask me, if I can install Windows 95 for her, because it just looked difficult. Now, there is no problem no more.

    Yes, if my mother would use WordPress, she would have constantly asked me to update her plugins, just because it looked a bit dangerous to click this update and what happens there. Something is downloading, now extracting, now installing (or whatever), am I missing something, do I do something wrong. Now my mother would just click update. A huge thanks to the Shiny Updates team and – yes – to my mother!


  3. Jeffr0

    If I was going to have a favorite feature in WordPress 4.6, it would be this. Shiny Update All The Things please.


  4. John Hawkins

    Got to see a preview of Shiny Updates in action at WordCamp San Diego. Yeah, I’m sold. Bring it on!!


  5. Shrinivas

    Wow, shiny updates plugin replaces the age-old plugin install and delete process with the minimal UI, it’s great that it is proposed for wordpress 4.6


  6. Vitor Madeira

    I left this comment on Pascal’s post on make.wordpress.org:

    “This is such a great idea.

    Pascal, I wonder if it would be possible to integrate within the Shiny Updates, a “one click” solution so users can rate their installed plugins.

    I mean, some two to three days after the user had installed the plugin, your interface would show the five star button that’s available on the plugin repository in wordpreess.org, so users would only have to click in there, and the plugin rating would be updated in the repository immediately.
    (Eventually, a text field would open next, so the user could writesome words regarding his/her opinion telling why had chosen to rate the plugin the way it rated on the stars button.)

    You see, when someone needs to go to wordpress.org searching for plugins, it is so strange to see that most of plugins have thousands of installs but the vast majority only get few tens (well, some get few hundreds, but that is really rare) of ratings.

    That is just not good. Something is not working well on the plugin rating scheme nowadays.

    Your solution would be the best thing that plugin rating could get to increase a bit more the precious information that one needs to get when a search for a new plugin is on our way on the repository.

    Thank you so very much for all your precious work.”

    – – –

    Although, it seems that his project is not directed to this approach, Pascal liked the idea! He said:

    “Thanks for your feedback!

    Shiny Updates are unrelated to plugin ratings, but I like the idea. This needs some work on the w.org side of things though, as it can only be implemented when users can connect their blog to WordPress.org. That way users could easily rate plugins and themes and mark plugins as favorites as well. Definitely worth pursuing.”

    – – –

    I guess I will make a bit more “noise” with this idea of mine on other places where it could turn into a feature on WordPress core, who knows?


  7. Jeffrey

    I don’t know if one button to “update all things” is a good idea. Batch update may not be a big concern for a small site, but for large web site, it anything goes wrong, “update all things” could become “destroy all things”. When this happens, who will get blamed? WP or the administrator?


    • Vitor Madeira

      I suppose that for such integration to take place, the WordPress team might have already considered all those questions, so no one would then get a WordPress release so buggy that could destroy a project just for trying to update ‘all’ the plugins.

      Still, your concern must not be silenced, as this should be everyone’s concern. (it is mine too!)


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