1. Dan Knauss

    Hey Jeff, I pretty much ignore twitter nowadays, especially re. any kind of drama, for the same reasons you mentioned. So I’m glad if you or anyone else gives more thought to an issue that may have some merit or lead to greater thought. Maybe it would help if you clarified that intention when you take on some of these topics. Remind us that what may be seem like a non-issue can be seen differently by others, and there might be something to learn from them.


    • Jeff Chandler

      Thanks for listening to the show and my rant. I have room to improve myself when dealing with issues that carry the WP Drama label. The past two times it’s happened, I’ve ripped off an angry tweet or two which fueled the fire and derailed whatever conversation was taking place.

      What really needs to happen is to use Twitter less for discussions and use comments or forums more. Not having the room to provide the context and thought process behind opinions or suggestions makes it impossible to gain ground before it turns into a crap storm.

      But you make a good suggestion, if I write about something that’s been labeled as WP Drama, I can say that but then explain why it’s not and bring out the important points of the discussion that I think merit it. At times, I’ve been part of the problem but I’m working on being part of the solution.


      • Dan Knauss

        Good ideas. It seems like mostly good problems — information is messy but it’s better to have more than less, even if it’s noisy. The discussion that follows is where listening and learning can happen. The Tavern does a good job of this for the most part, I think.

        Personally my reaction to the conference fee was confusion — it sounded like a non-issue so I wondered if a post was just amplifying drama, but then I realized in the comments that the topic drew out a lot of different perspectives on conferences and professionalization. So I thought that in itself was valuable.


      • fredwpshout

        FWIW, I think you guys are doing a fabulous job. I’ve never found the Tavern to be anything but a really thoughtful and fair source of WordPress news, including during “dramas” I was personally interested in.

        To me, “covering interesting and potentially controversial topics” is almost the definition of a news outlet. Why anyone would hold that against you is beyond me.


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