1. BradCharles

    Excellent for anything that can help our
    veterans. I have just put out a website http://www.nightmareinutah.com trying to open the first employee owned restaurants to create jobs for our veterans in the making.


  2. jamesdalman (@jamesdalman)


    I wanted to say thanks for the write up and article on Happy Joe! We are truly thankful for so many people in the WordPress community for supporting the mission and in sharing the word. We hope that in 2015 that we can give back in ways that will help WP businesses as well as to the WordPress Foundation. So many great things planned.

    Keep up the great work here at WP Tavern. HOOAH!



  3. Tony

    Great article Jeff and James good you for helping Vets. I hope to help out as well. Currently new to this blogging thing, but learning is fun!


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