1. James Dalman

    Thanks Sarah for a great write up about what we’re doing with Happy Joe. It’s going to be an interesting ride for us, but one we’re willing to take to benefit our military veterans.


  2. Robert

    I’m really happy to be working with James and the rest of the Happy Joe team. They’re all awesome, and the goals they’ve got for HJ to help Veterans is outstanding!

    Thanks Sarah for continuing to be open minded about an industry that a lot of other companies turn their backs on.

    Your (and WPTavern as a whole) support is appreciated!


  3. Jeffr0

    The Happy Joe name and logo is even more awesome for the cannabis industry. And don’t be surprised if you see a Happy Jane character be born soon.

    This gave me a good chuckle.


  4. Michael

    This is a great niche. I think you’ll be able to generate a lot of good press as well for your cause, as evidenced by this article, in fact.


  5. James Dalman

    Thanks Michael. We hope it does generate press, but most importantly, that we can help as many veterans as possible through this.


  6. Tom Townsend

    Wow did not see this coming. Going from educating and training Veterans on WordPress to medical marijuana is quite a change. Good luck on your new venture just very suprised at the detour!


    • James Dalman


      We have reopened http://HappyJoe.org which will continue to provide freelancing education and mentoring to veterans, but there are reasons we’re not focusing on WordPress training anymore.

      Our for-profit venture and mission of Happy Joe.com is cultivating mental wellness through medical marijuana and education. It’s a big need in the veteran community and one we feel will help more people long term.

      Feel free to connect with me anytime and I can give you more details. Appreciate the feedback.



  7. Elizabeth Crane

    Thanks so much for this great article about the focus of Happy Joe. As a partner in Happy Joe and wife of a Vietnam Vet, I couldn’t be any more excited about the shift.

    My husband has PTSD with symptoms that include horrific nightmares and seizures. Medical marijuana has helped him immensely. We firmly believe that educating veterans about cannabis can help others too.


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