1. Terence

    Not trying to be a wise ass, but the thing which immediately strikes me is that Joe has done it the wrong way round.

    I should have thought with his desire to be self-sufficient the best plan would have been to start the for-profit first, and then have it fund the non-profit, and not be beholding to anyone.

    Anyway, I wish him good luck and hope it works out for all involved.


  2. Yachika Verma

    Dalman was doing a pretty good work with his non-profit organization but lack of funding forces one to stop the charity. I think it’s a good decision to start with profit venture.


  3. James Dalman

    Thanks for the article Sarah. I just noticed it!

    @Terence – The idea from the very beginning was creating an organization that wasn’t about the money and that would outlive my involvement with it. My purpose was to do something different and starting as an NPO was the way to do that.

    The unfortunate side of non-profit work is that you spend more of your time trying to raise money than doing the stuff that actually helps people. And with the constant scandals surrounding charities, it makes this journey all that more difficult.

    Choosing how we did this wasn’t wrong because even for-profits aren’t guaranteed to make money or stay in business. Either way it’s hard work.

    @Yachika – Thank you!

    We will adapt and improvise. As long as we don’t lose the war, that’s what matters!


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