WPWeekly Episode 149 – Drew Strojny Of The Theme Foundry

In this episode of WordPress Weekly, we were joined by Drew Strojny, founder of The Theme Foundry, to discuss their latest product, Make. Make is a free, drag and drop theme that makes it easy to manipulate the design of pages. In the interview, Strojny explains why Make is available for free and why the page building aspect of the theme was not put into its own plugin. He also provided insight into why he thinks this will be the company’s flagship product.

Stories Discussed:

Jetpack 3.0 Released, Adds Bulk Module Management, Site Verification and Twitter Open Graph Support
Jetpack 3.0.1 To Fix General 500 Error With Spelling and Grammar Module
WordPress Entrepreneurs Group Reaches 500+ Members
WordCamp Vancouver to Hold Developer Edition in July

Plugins Picked By Marcus:

Multi-part Posts
allows you to add a table of contents list to your multi part posts. It’s a quick and easy plugin that can help to enhance any series of posts that you might want to create on your site.

Hide Plugins gives a single admin user the ability to hide plugins, prevent them from being activated, deactivated, or deleted by clients and other users, including administrators. By activating Hide Plugins, you will be able to see all plugins and a toggle to hide each plugin from other users on the Plugins page. Hide Plugins will always remain hidden.

Editor Color on Word Count automatically changes the color of the content editor based on the number of words written. For example, if you have written 90 words, the editor color would be light red and when you cross the 100 words limit, it changes to yellow. After 300 words, it automatically changes to green to indicate you’ve reached your goal.

WPWeekly Meta:

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  1. Hey Jeff, would you happen to know of a plugin or way to “suedo import” external images into the media library much like JW Player does video? Purpose being, images hosted externally on CDN can function and be managed the same way locally hosted images in wp-content/uploads are. JW Player (free) does an awesome job of this, but only with video.

    Im sure an article or episode on this topic would be well appreciated.

    Thank you,


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