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Automattic recently hired yet another theme wrangler to join their theme team that they are putting together. His name is Lance Willett.

I’m stoked about my position as “Theme Wrangler” with Automattic. I’ll be working on web design and development projects, mostly revolving around themes and I’m sure I’ll also use my Spanish and French skills since people all around the world use Automattic products.

Congratulations to you Lance for landing an awesome job with an awesome company.

In my post show discussion with Matt Mullenweg he mentioned to me that Lance was recently hired. I inquired what exactly the theme team was supposed to do for Automattic. The theme team is comprised of individuals that will focus initially on creating and porting themes for One of the most requested items from users is the ability to choose from more themes. Themes that stand the highest chance of being ported over into are the ones found within the theme repository. However, as they have done in the past, Automattic may choose to contract out a theme design from a commercial theme company. On top of that, if a company such as WooThemes or StudioPress developed a theme exclusively for, Matt has no problem with the credit link going back to that companies home page.

Automattic is planning on putting together a theme team of about 5 or so people. So far, Lance Willett and Ian Stewart are part of that team. Maybe Justin Tadlock will submit his application to Automattic to be part of this team. He obviously has the skills necessary but I wonder if he has the interest in working for Automattic or if he’s even submitted an application already. At any rate, I figured I’d give you the opportunity to name your dream theme team consisting of 5 people.

  • Ian Stewart
  • Justin Tadlock
  • R.Bhavesh
  • Casey Lee
  • Drew Strojny

6 responses to “Name Your Dream Theme Team”

  1. If it’s a team, then it would make sense IMO to have specialists for each job. In which case I’d have a CSS coder, a couple of designers, a WordPress whizz and a WordPress theme whizz.

    Paul O’Brien – CSS coder
    Small Potato – Designer
    Another designer – I’m not sure who
    Otto – WordPress whizz
    Justin Tadlock – WordPress theme whizz

  2. I’d go for the following team. Since we were talking about woothemes, I fell free to include some of them (we can dream, right? :P)

    Code masters:
    Ian Stewart
    Justin Tadlock
    Jeff “Jeffikus” Pearce

    Cobus “Fresh01” Bester
    Nick La
    The guy from Elegantthemes (I can’t recall his name, sorry)


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