WPWeekly Episode 106 – The Theme Review Team

wordpressweekly1In the first half of the episode, Gil Rutkowski otherwise known as FlashingCursor on twitter joined me to discuss post formats, a new feature slated for WordPress 3.1. We went over what a post format is, data portability, why the core dev team decided on a standard set of formats, and much more.

During the second half of the show, I played a pre-recorded interview with Chip Bennett which went over a ton of information related to the Theme Review Team. In the interview, we discuss how the team was formed, the guidelines of reviewing a theme, and last but not least, the goal of the theme review team. After the interview concluded, I was joined live by Edward Caissie who is a member of the theme review team to answer some additional questions I had, specifically dealing with the new post formats featuring which will be theme dependent.

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Stories Discussed:

WordPress Is Not A Community
Post Formats vs. Custom Post Types
Post Types, Formats, Taxonomies, oh my!

Relevant Links:

In Defense of the WordPress Theme Review Guidelines
Theme Repository Reviews – WPTavern Thread
Theme Review Guidelines
Theme Reviewers Mailing List
Theme Check Plugin


On Saturday, November 20th, Grant Griffiths of Headway Themes will be my special guest to talk about the launch of Headway 2.0.

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Next Episode: Saturday, November 20th 2P.M. EST

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Length Of Episode: 1 Hour 7 Minutes

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