WPShout Releases New WordPress Plugin that Displays all Image Sizes

When images are uploaded to the WordPress media library, several different sized images are generated. Image sizes are based on the settings on the Media Settings screen and from themes that often contain custom image sizes that are specific, such as featured images.

Locating images with custom sizes in the WordPress media library is difficult since they’re not listed and the file URL points to the original image.

Media Library Image Settings
Media Library Image Settings

The team at WPShout released a new plugin called Display All Image Sizes that displays all available image sizes, their permalinks, and dimensions. Once activated, you’ll see a list of all sizes of each image in the Add Media modal and in each image’s individual page in the Media Library.

All Image Sizes and Their URLs
All Image Sizes and Their URLs

With the plugin activated, a vertical scroll wheel is added to the attachment details screen. Depending on the size of your monitor,  you may encounter the same thing.

The scroll bar is annoying, because I commonly use the image sizes in the attachment display settings drop down menu. This requires me to scroll every time I need to access that menu.

Ideas for Improvement

Instead of showing all image sizes in a blocky manner and vertically stretching the screen, they should be moved to the existing drop down menu where you can select an image’s size. When a user selects an image size from the menu, the file URL could automatically change to point to that image. This way, the plugin would use native interface elements and make the default attachment details screen more useful.

Display all image sizes works as advertised with WordPress 4.2.2. If the team improves the user interface and can minimize the screen real-estate it uses, the plugin could turn out to be a very useful addition to sites that use a lot of custom image sizes.


6 responses to “WPShout Releases New WordPress Plugin that Displays all Image Sizes”

  1. Thanks very much for the writeup and the UI suggestions! I like the idea of moving the sizes to a dropdown; will try to get to that when I get a bit of space.

    • Follow-up: I’ve updated the plugin to display the image sizes in a dropdown that populates its own URL field. Thanks again for the suggestion!

  2. Thanks for the info. This is a good way to see all the picture files that WordPress creates in the background.
    I wonder if adding an option to delete the files from there is a good idea. It could help get rid of un-used images. But at the same time it could also cause some issues!

  3. Huh. For years I’ve been using a snippet from Studio Grasshopper to display all media sizes in the uploader, so you can pick from all available sizes when adding media to a post or page.

    If this plugin does that plus allows me to see what sizes were generated for my old images (say 3 theme changes ago), this could be just the tool I’ve been waiting for :)

  4. Just as a followup, after playing with this plugin, it doesn’t do what I was hoping it would do.

    While seeing what different image sizes already exist for a particular image is handy, it doesn’t actually add the alternative image sizes is use in the theme beyond the ones defined in Media Settings.

    The snippet I’ve been using does exactly that, allowing me to select from any defined image size to insert into a post or page, and that’s been invaluable for me over the years (something which WordPress should have added by default years ago, but I won’t digress here) :)

    I can see where this plugin would be useful while undergoing a cleanup, but unless it eventually includes a way to selectively delete unneeded sizes for selected images, or adds the additional image sizes to the dropdown so they can be selected when adding images to posts, I honestly can’t see any other way to use this plugin.

    Guess I’ll continue using that snippet so I can choose which alternative media size when adding images to posts :)

    • Summer,

      I trust all is well.
      Would you be willing to share the snippet you refer to?
      Sounds useful.



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