Which Method Do You Primarily Use To Add Items To The WordPress Media Library?

Drag and Drop Featured ImagesIf drag and drop is your preferred method to add content to the WordPress media library and you’d like to extend that functionality to the featured images meta box, you’re in luck. Developed by Jonathan LundströmDrag and Drop Featured Image adds the ability to drag and drop images into the featured image meta box when writing a post.

Since the plugin utilizes the default functions in WordPress, the meta box compresses all image sizes as well as respects any custom image sizes. If you’re using WordPress 3.5 or lower, the page will refresh in order to show the new image. Newer versions of WordPress show the new image without reloading the page. The plugin works as advertised without any issues with WordPress 3.8.1

Drag and Drop or Select Files?

I rarely use the drag and drop method for two reasons. First, both monitors usually have a full browser window meaning I’d have to reduce its size in order to access the media files and drag them into the window. Second, since I’m already working within a full size browser window, I find it more convenient to select multiple files using the select files feature in the media library. Let me know in the comments why you prefer one over the other or why you use both.

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17 responses to “Which Method Do You Primarily Use To Add Items To The WordPress Media Library?”

  1. Drag and drop, without a doubt. On Mac I use an app called Cinch which lets me whip the window out of the way and maximize it again easily.

    Sadly I had to drop the Drag & Drop Featured Images plugin, because it had a very annoying bug. The popup modal doesn’t allow you to filter the images to only show those attached to the specific post. Minor? Yes. Annoying when you’re editing posts from several years ago? Also yes.

  2. If I have a fairly large number of files to upload at a time, I prefer drag and drop. Sure its a little annoying resizing the browser, but it sure beats navigating all around my HDD using the file tree.

  3. Drag and drop! even browser is still loading. No time to select and move from one computer directory to another… :)

  4. Drag and Drop and remember WP 3.9 will allow drap and drop directly into the edition field. Some another nice plugin to manage images with drag and drop: File Gallery

  5. Select Files, for the same reason you do it, my browser window is full screen and I hate resizing it.

  6. It depends… In a Mac is much more easy using drag & drop because I normally don’t have browser open in full screen and I have “show desktop” shotcut key (F11) and small finder windows … In a PC, which I rarely use, I must have to use the Select files button, because it is not as dynamic as a Mac.

  7. I’m a select files man because I’ve just got used to doing it that way.

    I’d be more interested to know how people organise their images for finding them easily.

    • Exactly. I use the select file method. I think it’s my organization of the media on my local hard drive that makes it easy and predictable to find the images I wish to upload.

  8. Drag and Drop on Windows using the Alt-Tab keys is a breeze and the best method when your images folder has 3K+ pictures and sorting and selecting from hundreds of files and downloads with similar names is a pain :) (and nope, I dont have time to sort them in sub-folders, I do it bimonthly, if I can)

  9. I adore this plugin, such a useful and simple tweak to the default Set Featured Image functionality. Considering the ubiquity of drag and drop throughout the WordPress admin, I was surprised to find this was not in core. The process for setting a featured image has come a long way, hope it continues to progress with an eye towards making the user workflow as intuitive as possible.


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