1. Marcus Tibesar

    Great coverage Justin! Really well written piece…

    I wish they’d have a option for shutting off tips.


  2. Zebulan

    The select tool selects parent blocks before child blocks. That’s what it’s useful for. That, and keyboard navigation, since the select tool is really just a rename of the existing navigation mode.


  3. Sajan Kota

    Hi Justin, Welcome guide modal looks really cool. Drag-and-Drop Featured Images is really handy, it will save time for sure.


  4. Li-An

    There was a drag and drop featured image plugin a long time ago. I’m a little angry to see that this feature was never proposed in core in Classic Mode and now it is proposed with Gutenberg.


  5. Trishan Mehta

    Hi Justin,

    Block templates are what many WordPress users, including me, were waiting for. With block templates, I will be able to re-use the blocks anywhere on my site and change the blocks as per my requirement which is not possible at the moment.


  6. dee

    The table caption is a bummer. showstopper. this is how one force us to accept their solution and not listening to the needs at large.


  7. John

    I’ve been a longtime reader of WP Tavern and I have always liked it.

    But I have to say I’m REALLY appreciating your articles and in-depth level coverage, Justin. So happy to be able to read your posts here….

    Thank you!


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