1. Marcus Tibesar

    By far the best WP Hosting provider out there is tigertech.net

    They really are the unsung heroes of hosting and, I’m going to give them a shout-out on this survey. They have saved my bacon time after time again and, I owe them a proper review.

    I also owe Marcy Diaz of Amethyst Website Design (amethystwebsitedesign.com) a big, “Thank you!” for recommending them several years ago.

    Thanks Jeff for letting us all know – appreciate it!


    • Patty J. Ayers

      Ok, but I hope the results of the survey are about more than just what individuals consider their favorite. So many people know only 1 web host but swear it’s the best of the best.


  2. Dan

    Hey, you have a typo on this site. You say “webosting survey” instead of “web hosting survey.” Thought you’d want to know :)


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