1. David Hayes

    Thanks so much for spreading the word, Jeff! We really appreciated it.


  2. johncoleman24

    I would love to see the survey from last year. Any trends worth noting?


  3. fredwpshout

    Thanks so much for the writeup, Jeff! We’re excited to get the review out, and are hoping to get enough results to take a really thorough look at the space.

    John: Here’s the link to last year’s summary of results. For trends, I suppose I’d say that “boutique” shared hosts generally won out over the shared hosting giants. Would be interested to hear what you find in the results!


  4. Brent

    Just checked last year’s results and it’s sad that quite a lot of people were (or maybe are still) hosting with Bluehost, HG, GoDaddy, etc.

    I will take the survey later today, thanks for sharing the link! :)


  5. Steven Gliebe

    I’m looking forward to the results and in particular comparing them to what I’ve been finding with my HostingReviews.io tweet sentiment project. It’s looking a lot like the managed WP-only hosts really are a better choice than virtually all shared hosts (Flywheel, Pagely, Pantheon and WP Engine in particular). They’re maturing.

    Off to take the survey!


  6. Tricia Reilly Miller

    When are you looking to close the survey? I’d love to promote this to our WP user base.


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