WP Think Tank Panel Will Discuss the Future of WordPress on Feb. 25th

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, Feb 25th. WP Elevation will be hosting WP Think Tank, a panel discussion about the future of WordPress. The event will take place live on Google Hangouts at 8PM UTC and participants will be able to join via a chatroom and ask questions.

Inspired by topics that have come up on the WP Elevation podcast, the WP Think Tank will focus on more in-depth discussions about the future of WordPress. Troy Dean will host an impressive group of panelists, including Matt Mullenweg, Jake Goldman, Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Shane Pearlman, Tom Willmot, Miriam Schwab and Scott Basgaard.


This is an excellent mix of people who love WordPress and they’re likely to have some great insights about the future of the publishing platform. Visit the WP Think Tank website to submit your questions to the panel.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Sarah. I’m really looking forward to a healthy discussion and a lot of fun.


    1. That’s awesome the amount and types of people you’re having on for this show. It’s the type of show I’d love to do in the future.


      1. Thanks Jeff. Yes I am honoured to have this crew agree to join the panel for this discussion. If it goes well, we intend to do more.


  2. Hey, if the other Matt can’t make it, I’ll fill in.

    Happy to rock-scissor-paper for Jake’s spot too.


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