The Majority of Shark Tank Contestants Use WordPress and WooCommerce

Have you ever wondered what CMS and eCommerce system Shark Tank contestants use? WP Engine used BuiltWith and looked at the websites of each contestant appearing on the show between seasons 1-5. They also manually investigated each site to determine some of the more complex setups. Factors WP Engine looked for include: if the site was still active, site-wide SSL implementation, and what kind of eCommerce solutions are being used. Here are a few highlights from the infographic.

WordPress is the most popular platform, followed by Shopify and Magento. One of the most disappointing discoveries is that out of 341 websites, only 39 have SSL support. SSL is important because it provides a level of encryption between you and the server. It also protects customer information which is extremely important if you’re going to sell things online.

For over a year, Magento was the eCommerce system of choice, but it’s now in second place. WooCommerce is now the most popular eCommerce system used by Shark Tank contestants. This makes sense since WordPress is the most popular platform and WooCommere is built to be used with WordPress.

Check out the rest of the data in the image below and let us know if any of the data surprises you. The image is over 1mb in size so it might take a little while to load.

WPEngine Shark Tank Infographic
Infographic Created By WP Engine

5 responses to “The Majority of Shark Tank Contestants Use WordPress and WooCommerce”

  1. Those SSL numbers are embarrassing. You would think with the experience the sharks have in the eCommerce industry that they would’ve urged their partners to implement SSL certs for their websites.

  2. Great infographic! I have used WooCommerce for many clients and it just keeps getting better and better. There’s a reason it has passed Magento.

  3. WooCommerce really is amazing. Not surprised that Shopify is doing so well, although their blogging platform leaves a lot to be desired. I have no doubt that they will eventually improve the platform but, even so, it will be difficult to compete with the WordPress community!


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