WP Comment Humility Relocates the Comments Top-level Menu Item to the Posts Menu

One of the key features in WordPress 4.3 is that comments on pages are disabled by default. If you only enable comments for posts, you may be interested in WP Comment Humility, a new plugin created by John James Jacoby that moves the top-level Comments menu item to the Posts menu. The following screenshot better illustrates what it does.

Comment Humility in Action
Comment Humility in Action

If a site enables comments for posts only, this location for the menu item makes sense. What if you’re using Custom Post Types? According the plugin’s FAQ, the user experience might be weird, “If you have a post type other than post that supports comments, it may make more sense to not use this plugin,” Jacoby said. He suggests giving it a try and if the user experience doesn’t feel right, to disable it.

Documentation is located on GitHub where you can also submit Pull Requests. WP Comment Humility works out-of-the-box without any configuration options on WordPress 4.3 and is available for free in the WordPress plugin directory.


11 responses to “WP Comment Humility Relocates the Comments Top-level Menu Item to the Posts Menu”

  1. Looks like this plugin is going to be one of my defaults. Almost none of my clients use comments.
    Yet, here I am, commenting about no one no one using comments… ;)

    • If almost none of your clients use comments, then why would you use this plugin as one of your defaults, when it has been designed for sites with comments?

      • Thing is, that the WordPress sidebar is already cluttered as it is. I don’t want to disable the comment section altogether, but it looks much nicer when it’s along with the posts, as it should.

  2. Alright alright. I obviously love me some comments. But I think this is a pretty great plugin as well. Top-level wp-admin menu space is too precious these days.


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