Disqus 3.0 Beta Improves Comment Syncing

When we interviewed Daniel Ha, CEO and co-founder of Disqus, earlier this year, he explained why some users were reporting problems syncing comments between Disqus and WordPress and that improvements would be coming soon.

“We may have taken some services offline to work on them which may have affected those who were trying to sync,” Ha said.

Disqus has released 3.0 Beta 1 that fixes syncing issues and introduces a redesigned settings screen. Disqus 3.0 was rewritten to take advantage of newer APIs in WordPress which will allow for faster iterations of improvements.

Comments are synced to the WordPress database using a webhook method instead of wp-cron making the process more reliable. This version also supports edited comments and comment states enabling users to see if comments are approved, pending, or deleted.

Disqus 3.0 Settings Screen

Disqus 3.0 has a redesigned settings screen that includes shortcuts to frequently visited sections of Disqus’ backend. Disqus replaces the Comments top-level menu item and shortcut links are now available in the WordPress Admin Bar.

Other improvements to the plugin include:

  • Replacing WordPress comments template with Disqus comments
  • Replacing WordPress comment count with Disqus comment count
  • Automatic closing of WordPress login window when using single sign-on

The plugin is only available via Gitub as the team seeks feedback to identify potential issues before rolling it out to the public. If you discover a bug, you can report it by opening a new issue on the project’s Github page.

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  1. The main problem with Disqus is loading time. This is the only reason which slows down my website.


    1. Use the Disqus Conditional Load plugin, it helped me solve this issue and has some amazing features like lazy load and shortcodes.


  2. I am using Disqus from past 3 months and never had any problem with it. Disqus helps me to prevent comment spamming. Now I did not receive any spam comments.


    1. Just look up the plugin Antispam Bee


  3. I really hate the amount of requests that Disqus loads… however, you can get around this slightly with DCL plugin. But, the improvements/ideas above actually look very promising. This is definitely the direction they should be heading.


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